best workout headphones you can buy

You’ll need the best headphones for working out when you hit the gym; Everyone knows the motivating benefits of listening to music while exercising, but these headphones have some design features or features that make them especially suitable for staying in shape.

What are the best workout headphones?

All wireless headphones sound great, but few of them fit so well in your ears that you can run and jump without letting go. The headphones on this list are much more resistant to drops, although they weren’t specifically designed for exercise. Expect to see water and sweat resistant as well when reading our top options for the best workout headphones.

Apple AirPods Pro best workout headphones

Apple finally made good AirPods.

Apple AirPods Pro best workout headphones
Apple AirPods Pro best workout headphones

If you are an iPhone user and plan to be truly wireless with your headphones, the Apple AirPods Pro is the best workout headphones. The new noise-canceling feature is nice and useful, and the overall sound and design improvements couldn’t be more welcome, though they’re quite expensive.

AirPods Pro has become the de facto name for true noise-canceling wireless headphones, even though they no longer dominate Apple’s headphone hierarchy, thanks to the new $ 549 AirPods Max. In October 2019, AirPods Pro got a new spatial audio feature in iOS 14 which improves the surround sound experience and now offers fast switching between Apple devices. After using AirPods Pro for a year, we still think they’re the best – good for calling, listening to music, and watching movies.

Apple AirPods Pro Pros & Cons


  • Good fit with three ear tip options
  • Sound quality
  • Good active noise cancelling
  • The pressure-sensitive stems for controls
  • Portable charging case (Lightning/wireless)


  • Price
  • Charges via lightning cable
  • Design not for everyone

Apple AirPods Pro Price

Jabra Elite Active 75t

True Wireless Earbuds for Running and Sport.

Jabra Elite Active 75t
Jabra Elite Active 75t

The Active 75t has a soft-touch finish with a touch of grip. Or, as Jabra said, it’s “constructed with a durable coating to resist dust and sweat and has an IP water resistance rating upgraded from IP56 (from Elite Active 75t) to IP57, this which makes them waterproof. “

Jabra’s improved workout headphones have a slimmer, sleeker design. Everything from the case to the real helmet has been redesigned for a smaller size.

These headphones fit well and include three noise-canceling headphones (small, medium, and large) to fit most users. This provides a secure fit and optimizes audio quality as outside sounds are blocked. Both headphones are finished with a Jabra cuff liner, ensuring they stay in place during every workout. This coating also makes it easy to remove and insert the headphones without touching the floor.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Pros & Cons


  • Free noise cancelling update
  • IP57
  • Quick charging
  • Auto-pause/play
  • Passthrough mode


  • Newer features unavailable at launch
  • Can get extremely loud at max volume

Jabra Elite Active 75t Price

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro one of the best workout headphones

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro
Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro

Apple’s Beats Powerbeats Pro is an example of great design for a product category that suffers from it. True wireless hearing aids have had many participants in recent months, but few have solved some of the biggest challenges in designing disconnected hearing aids. For example, how do you hold your headphones if the fit is not perfect? If you have any unsealed earbuds, you will find that they fall out frequently. The Powerbeats Pro’s ear hooks do just that – not only do they relieve pressure in the ear canal, but they also hold the headphones in place if the seal breaks.

If you have an iPhone, all you need to do to pair Powerbeats Pro is open the case and press the bubble that appears on your phone. Easy death. For Android, it’s a bit more complicated. Open the box and press the pairing button which is almost flush with the inside of the box. Press and hold this button until the front light turns white, then pair the device as you would any other Bluetooth device. Just make sure you leave the headphones in the box until pairing.

The new Powerbeats Pro. This is the most sincere and comprehensive Beats product since the acquisition of Apple, and it is a triumph. The Doctor Headphone Goblins have been kept busy in silence, and it turns out the first true Beats wireless headphones are also the best Beats headphones of any size or type. they are not cheap. However, Powerbeats Pro offers a number of advantages over Apple’s cheaper, simpler AirPods, and these updates fully validate the Beats price tag.

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1
  • Apple’s H1 chip allows for much greater flexibility
  • Sound quality
  • Secure fit


  • De-emphasized mids
  • Isolation not great
  • Cost

Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Price

jlab epic air sport anc

Handles dust and water thanks to an IP66 degree of protection.

jlab epic air sport anc
jlab epic air sport anc

Each helmet has its own touchscreen and is responsible for a variety of controls. You can turn down the volume, reverse the tracks, access a voice assistant, and switch between EQ settings with your left headphones. The correct one is to turn up the volume, skip tracks, play and pause music, and control calls. Like the JLab JBuds Air Sport, responsiveness is immediate with sweaty and chalky hands. Whatever sport you participate in, the controls must be maintained.

The usability is similar to that of the company’s Epic Air Elite. Sports headphones retain the shape of the hook. We saw this project with the Beats Powerbeats Pro and the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3100. The slightly angled nozzles extend from the collars. They are a bit baggy and can be uncomfortable after an hour or two. If this happens to you, replace the standard silicone ear pads with memory foam pads.

jlab epic air sport anc Pros & Cons


  • Battery life
  • IP66 dust- and water-resistant
  • Be Aware mode
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1
  • Dual-purpose charging case with integrated cable


  • Large charging case
  • No quick-charging
  • Static in the background

jlab epic air sport anc Pros & Cons

Amazfit powerbuds pro

Sports and Health Monitoring, IP55 Waterproof for Gym Workout Frost.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Wireless
Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Wireless

This is an unusual feature set that makes these headphones really stand out, avoiding the need for separate buttons for working and playing. That’s a huge improvement over the intelligence of the Amazfit PowerBuds, which offered fast heart rate monitoring, charging, and transferring, all in a drastically different design.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro has the features, performance, and price to make this independent tech brand a household name. The original PowerBuds were impressive and remain at the top of our list of the best workout headphones, and this updated version is a worthy replacement.

The PowerBuds Pro comes with ambient listening mode, four-level ANC, powerful sound, and long-lasting protection, thanks to its IP55 certification. If that wasn’t enough, Amazfit has equipped its main buttons with a host of features ranging from audio personalization to activity tracking to improve listening.

Amazfit powerbuds Pro Pros & Cons


  • Great, bass-heavy sound for working out
  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Posture-protecting tech works well


  • No optional over-ear loops
  • Heart rate measurements too high
  • Some tools are redundant if you have a running watch

Amazfit powerbuds Pro Price


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